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Beverley Lawry-Brune

Clinical psychologist, graduate of the University of Paris VIII, DESS in clinical psychology and psychopathology, postgraduate diploma in victimology, I was also trained at the T avistock and Portman Foundation and the University of London obtaining a Specialized Master in Careful observation of babies and young children; which allows me among other things an integrative approach in the work with the child and his parents (Brief Parent-Infant Therapy). For a long time, I have been interested in the difficulties that affect perinatal birth and the complexities associated with parenthood.

My professional experience in the child psychiatry sector began in 2000 and I opened my private practice in 2013.

At the same time, since 2012 I have been working in a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers (cada77), leading parent-child groups carrying out participatory observations when children have developmental delays.

During these 20 years of work my practice has led me to develop a particular interest in children with a developmental disorder due to my experience in child psychiatry, in CMP and in an Autism Diagnostic Center and Support (CDAA-45).

In my liberal practice, where I offer confidential space in English and French, I attach particular importance to the detection and early detection of neuro-developmental disorders; I was initially trained in psychodynamic therapy, I was able to integrate and combine contemporary evaluative and caring approaches. Thus, based on HAS recommendations, I validated training on early detection and pre-autistic evaluations: M-Chat, Cars, ADOS-2, ADI-R, BECS, WPPSI IV, WISC V, Vineland-II.

As indicated by the HAS (recommendations of February 2018), the diagnosis of ASD is a medical diagnosis to which we contribute through an in-depth clinical approach, always in conjunction with general practitioners and specialists in the same way as other disorders.

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Cecile Valtat

Plastic artist, art therapist graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tours, I work in a FAM with adults with an autism spectrum disorder. Specialized in Edugraphy * , I also use the various supports offered by the plastic arts: painting, clay modeling, engraving ...

My professional career has led me to work in an addictology center, in a residential center, detention center, IME or even SAMSAH, as well as in liberal for the services of the town hall of Orléans such as educational success or the device Gateway for young school dropouts.

Trained to support people with an autism spectrum disorder, as well as Dunn's sensory profile, I adapt my activity to each person, by working on sensoriality, allowing either to stimulate it or to appease him.

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* Edugraphy : use of the educational potential or the therapeutic exploitation of the written trace in art therapy.

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